Lemon Tree; An activity for tomorow’s class


I was reading Vicky Saumell’s Eltchat summary on Teaching English through songs in the digital age (part 3 of 4): Specific songs and their uses, I came across with the suggestion of Lemon Tree by Fool’s Garden and I realised how versatile can this one song be. You can use the song

1. to review preposition:

 prepare a gap-fill exercise just omiting the prepositions

2. to practise present continuous tense:

  •  prepare a gap-fill omiting the verbs
  • prepare a handout with images of these verbs and ask students to fill in the gaps with them.
  • after listening to the song, divide the students into groups and tell each group to draw one scene from the song. ( you can watch the animation later and they can compare their drawings with it)
  • Display the pictures on the walls and ask students to write what is happening in each scene
  • Make a movie clip with the drwaings

3. to revise adjectives:

  • prepare a gap-fill omitting the adjectives from the song
  • After listening to the song, tell them to rewrite the song with the opposites making all the necessary changes to make the song meaningful. It will be a brand new song.
  • Find a tune for your song and sing.

7 comments on “Lemon Tree; An activity for tomorow’s class
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  2. Pingback: Tweets that mention Lemon Tree; An activity for tomorow’s class | A Journey in TEFL -- Topsy.com

  3. That’s a great little song,yes I missed that eltchat, wonderful group for learning, but will go back and have another look on twitter. I’m also tchg ESL but in in youth, post beginner, in AUstralia. Thanks for your motivating post on lemon tree.

  4. Great ideas about online language teaching and learning! Thanks for sharing! Best wishes to the year 2011!
    Galina Kravets,
    EFL teacher from Russia

  5. Hi,
    I also used this song and similar activities (fill-in a missing word, practise present continuous) with my adult students. I’ve been lately thinking how could I use this song with my five form students and I’ve come across this entry. Thanks a lot!

    Teacher from Lithuania

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