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It is that time of the year again. The time to make resolutions for the future and the time to recall past to take some lessons…

I have lots of plans again. However, the thing that I want to share now is a bit different…

I’m thinking about my 4th grade teacher… I have been thinking about her since my kids started 4th grade this year.

Most probably she isn’t alive now.bomonti

Mrs Garabetyan was my 4th and 5th grade teacher…

She was a tall, middle aged lady with short wavy grey hair. She was elegant. No, not in that sense that she was wearing fashionable clothes. When I was a kid, fashion was not as important as it is today. People didn’t have hundreds of pullovers and skirts. Yet they could still look elegant…

She was elegant as a lady. She would wear turtle neck grey pullovers and a long chain with a round pendant.

She was fair, she was hardworking…

In the Friday afternoons, she would choose a book from the class library and read it to us. We used to listen to her attentively because she had a lovely voice. From time to time she would stop and ask a question from the book or would ask our opinion. It was fun to wait for those Fridays.

She was the oldest teacher of the school but I never felt I needed a younger one. She was young in spirit. I think I was lucky to have her. I learnt so many things from my lovely. She was incomparable, she was a role model…

Well, when I think about her, I remember her enthusiasm, patience and affection…

3 comments on “My Teacher
  1. Very beautiful memory and description of your teacher, Eva! It’s wonderful to have lasting memories (good ones and not so good) of your own teachers.

    I can clearly remember many of mine, including my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Brankley. Much like you described, Mrs. Brankley was an older woman, handsome not beautiful, and treated everyone fairly, but firmly.

    What’s interesting is not long ago, I connected on Twitter with a woman who now teaches at my highschool. She’s younger than me, so wasn’t a teacher there when I was a student, but it dawned on me that she’d be colleagues with one I loved at the time, my Gr 10 English teacher, Mrs. Quigley. She even said hi for me.

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