Another 1st Day Activity-Promises to be kept…

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I believe from the moment we enter the classroom, our aim should be to help our students see where their learning journey is taking them to so the first day activities are important to give them some clues too.

You can adapt the activities below according to your classes. If they are new comers this way you can learn about them changing some of the questions, if you already know them you can just remind  them their reason to be in the class.

Activity 1

I ask my students to write a letter to me imagining it’s the last day of the class and tell me how they became successful throughout the year answering the following questions:

How many hours a day did you study English?

How many books did you read?

What was your aim?

How did you improve your studying skills?

What advice can you give to your friends who will be in this class next year?

How did you change?

When I read the letters, I comment on them and tell them that those are their promises and they have to keep their promises. So they should read the number of books they have written in their letters or study or do the things they have stated.

However, this year I’m planning to do something else.

Activity 2

Materials: colourful paper or cards, colourful pens, blue-tac

Ask students to choose some colourful pens and paper.

Tell them to write their names in the middle.

Tell them to write what their plans are for the year, how they will study, what they will learn, what they will read, etc on the corners or around their names.

Then stick the cards on the walls so as not to forget them 🙂

4 comments on “Another 1st Day Activity-Promises to be kept…
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  2. Hi ya Eva,

    These are lovely ideas! You could also add that those of your students with computers who want to, could make (sorry, am like Marisa – headed for the web2.0) presentations using glogsters, animoto, photopeach or prezis… or even just -if in cardboard – multi-media it with leaves, pieces of cloth and ribbon!


  3. Hi Marisa, Karenne
    Yay, you’re right web 2.0 will be good for the class blog (about page, maybe)I should consider that as well. Thanks for the suggestions but I want the others to be just in front of their eyes all the time…and I’ll have a box full of ribbons, pictures, buttons etc.

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