Since I started blogging, many things have changed in my life. Although my blog is too young and don’t receive many visitors I still have regular readers. The best thing about blogging starts here. I started to have real conversations with my friends. I get support from them and I get help whenever I need.

I think blogging promotes professional development. I have been reading magnificent blog posts about teaching, sharing, collaborating. I can even reach many useful sites and links recommended by the blog writers I follow. Most of them are my colleagues, very enthusiastic, full of ideas. I have the chance to express my thoughts, join conversations.

It enables me TOL (to teach out loud). The feeling is great because I know during the summer holiday; I’ll keep adding lesson ideas.

It enables me to become more productive. I try to update my blog frequently.

It helps me become more creative.

Moreover, I write. I just don’t assign my students to write essays, articles, stories or poems anymore, I do write, too. And I really love this challenge. Maybe it was just the thing I’ve been looking for.

How do you feel about blogging?

8 comments on “HOW BLOGGING HELPS
  1. Hi Eva,

    I’ve just started blogging but I love it. It’s like ‘chicken soup’ for the soul. In the solitary world of teaching it gives me a ‘voice’ and allows me to listen to the ‘voices’ of many other talented teachers.



    • Hi Leahn ,
      Your blog is wonderful and I love the idea that we are not alone and seeing all these highly motivated, enthusiastic people make me feel more motivated.
      Thanks for dropping by

  2. I’ve only been blogging for a short time, but I’ve found it really motivating. The main pleasure for me has just been putting thoughts down ‘on paper’ as it were. I really feel like it helps me focus on what I think about teaching and this tefl malarkey as a career. I’ve found that i just enjoy writing, it’s fun, and having some people read and comment gives you a purpose and some motivation.

    I think I’ve learnt so much from reading and writing blogs, I’m now trying to persuade other people I know to get involved as well!

    • Hi Richard,
      yes, it’s great to blog and it is so intersting. After I read your blog post, I found out that at the same time you were here. I also try to convince my colleagues but sometimes it is a matter of time. Yet I think it is worth it 🙂

  3. Madem sordun 🙂 I really like blogging. It started off as a simple way to help people and share my ideas online. Then I realized it was a great way to get involved in discussions with other educators and help me develop. It’s been a very positive experience all around.

  4. I agree that blogging really helps professional development – I love the reward you get from knowing that people have got something out of your posts and that you’ve provoked some debate.

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