The Words I love


Words are easy, like the wind; William Shakespeare

We start speaking using words. Simple, one word sentences make every parent happy when their toddler starts speaking then comes the others. They are so powerful. Even if you go to a country and you don’t know the language, you can still survive with some simple words for a short time. There are some words in English that I love very much. Some of them are very simple yet their sound or meaning is wonderful. When you love something very much, it becomes yours. You care about it. Vocabulary learning is like that. When you hear a new word and it means something to you, you acquire it easily. It’s even the same for mother tongue. If you love a word, it becomes unique for you. Now my all time favourite English words:

  1. GREAT is so simple yet has a gReat meaning. I love saying it stressing the R when a student of mine does something good, achieves a goal, writes a great story. No other word is as great as great then.
  2. TINY is something small, something needs affection, something difficult to find if you lose.
  3. CUTE is like small kids or childhood. The word brings my mind happy childhood memories, summers at seaside. I don’t know the reason but I think it has sunshine in it.
  4. COSY has an image of a room, dimly lit and full of books. There is a comfortable armchair with cushions, a fireplace but it is not a must. I can even hear the music playing now.
  5. GLOOMY has a negative meaning yet I imagine a rainy day and I’m home. It’s warm and cosy and I’m lazing around.
  6. I love the sound of VINTAGE. It is so elegant and rare.
  7. SUNSHINE is a word full of hopes and sun. It is so cheerful that when you hear it you can smile easily.
  8. SOPHISTICATED is a complicated word. It is clever and as vintage it is elegant.
  9. INSPIRE has music in it. I believe it has a powerful meaning. I love it.
  10. ETERNAL is another great word with a wonderful meaning.

There are other words that I love but these are ones that came when I thought about them. Bookmark and Share 

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    • Yes, the sound is very important. For şelale as you said for example you can hear the water coming down. 🙂

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