And the Oscars go…


oscarsIn my month themes I wrote I’d like to do something related with the Oscars as we all know the nominees now. Today I assigned my students to prepare small talks on it.

For these short presentations my students will have 3 minutes to talk. I prepare a rubric to mark their presentations too. They like the idea of small talks and by doing them they improved their speaking skills and they are better at presenting their ideas now. Although they make mistakes while speaking, they are more fluent now. In the class I have really creative students so this is another challenge for the rest. They also use their creativity to surprise me and their friends.

Their small talk topic is Oscars as I mentioned above and these are my suggestions for what they can prepare.

1. Conduct a survey in the school and find out who do your friends think will get the awards this year in the following cathegories: Best actor/ Best actress/ Best Director/ Best film

2. Find out the nominated songs and present them in an interesting way.

3. Choose your own winners and give your reasons.

4. You are free to prepare something else on this very cool topic.

5. Choose one of the movies that was nominated and create your own poster for it and talk about it.

6. Choose one of the nominated movies and give information about its plot, setting, etc.

The deadline is February, 26th and I hope I’ll be able to share their presentations with you.

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