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I decided to publish a monthly series. I’ll try to set myself a goal and choose themes which will help my students to know more about the world.
February will be a great month to start because of the Winter Olympics. Sport has always been my favourite. I never miss watching Olympic Games, World Cups,  European championships of any sport, even football.

So my #1 theme is Winter Olympics. Here is a great challenge and I have already assigned my students to do it. I’ll share my students’ works here  or on our class blogs.

#2 is Valentine’s Day, we started a wiki project.This is a joint project and we hope it will become global.

#3 can be Thomas Edison. He was born on February, 11. My students liked my lesson on Elvis Presley’s birthday so something similar to it can make them learn better. May be it can be a research project and can be done using glogster or animoto.

I also think wall dictation can be a great activity. I’ll write Edison’s biography on pieces of paper . I’ll stick the copies of the bio to the walls.  A student from each group will go to their copy on the wall and memorise as much as he can and go to his desk and dictate the sentence . The group who finishes first will become the winner.

#4 Venice. It’s time for carnival and may be we can learn more about this beautiful city. A virtual tour can be planned. A story which takes place in Venice, during the carnival can be written. A mysterious one…Glogs about Venice can be created.

#5 Oscars. As we know the nominees, we can start talking about Oscars this month. A school survey can be done and we can choose our own Oscar winners. Students can choose a cathegory and prepare a small presentation on it. They can prepare their posters of the nominees whom they support and tell me why they have chosen them.

If you have any idea, I’ll be happy to hear.

8 comments on “Themes of the month – a new series
  1. Hey Eva,

    Great idea! I’ll be sure to try some of your ideas. 😀
    Here are some suggestions to add to your themes for February: for the Olympics you might want to join the 2010 Olympics wiki: The members are creating really great stuff there; for Thomas Edison, why not interview him on Virsona ? 😀
    As for the Venice idea, your students might like the Virtual Tourism blog: It has some great virtual trips they can use.
    Well, hope this helps. Thank you for sharing your themes idea.

  2. Very nice idea to add a theme every month, I’ll start thinking of ideas for the next months and we can share. =]

    I’m from Brazil and Carnival is huuge here, there are three cities where Carnival is huge as Wikipedia suggests [ ]: Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Recife/Olinda. In Rio, it’s the “show Carnival” with a huge parade. In Salvador, you have popular bands playing on top of big trucks and people pay to go along these trucks. In Recife/Olinda it’s the street carnival influenced by indian and African culture. Quoting Wikipedia “Galo da Madrugada is the biggest carnival parade in the world, considering the number of participants, according The Guinness Book of World Records. It means “dawn’s rooster” and parades…”

    I’m sending you a link of a video from the Galo da Madrugada with the theme song and aerial view of the parade:

    Hope it’s useful for you and your stds.

    Eduardo Santos

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