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Blogging and twitter enabled me to reach numerous magnificent resources and links. They were mostly related with technology. I remember the day when I discovered cooltoolsforschools, I was like a child who recieved lots of great toys at her birthday. I was speechless and I wanted to use all of them. Days passed and I learned more. I love them, they are so cool and they are motivating the digital natives at schools. However, I still use the sites I used to visit a lot before I discovered the goodies.

My all time favourites are:

eslflow is a great site where you can find lots of inspirations for teaching grammar, writing, speaking, listening and vocabulary. You can find ideas to motivate your students with icebreakers and warmers and games.

esl-lounge is a site where you can find everything you need.

Novelinks is where you can reach great lesson plans and inspirations for literature.

ReadWriteThink provides teachers with hundreds of great ideas and lesson plans so it is always a good idea to visit the site.

classzone Just click on the book you use in class, and you will have access too many interesting links.


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