My New Year’s Resolutions

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As I mentioned many times before, it’s been a very fruitful year for me. I learned so many great things and luckily I managed to apply most of them.

  • I started blogging
  • I’m on twitter
  • joined some Ning groups
  • I started using web 2.0 tools
  • I started a wiki project
  • We had our first classroom skype call
  • We started a voicethread
  • I have my own PLN

I believe I’m on a learning spree now and I hope it will continue next year too and this is my New Year’s resolutions. (I’m not going to mention the private life stuff here)

  1. I’ll attend a teacher trainer course.
  2. I’ll write more.
  3. I’ll add more lesson plans and share ideas.
  4. I’ll start or join a Comenius project.
  5. I’ll read more.
  6. I’ll deal with the Ning groups as I couldn’t follow them properly.
2 comments on “My New Year’s Resolutions
  1. Hi! Came across your blog via @ShellTerrell on Twitter. Seems like we both had a great fruitful year, in terms of learning new technologies! I like your list– I didn’t think about sharing and adding lesson plans. That’s a good one that I’ll have to tack onto my NYR list 🙂 Also, I agree with the Nings– I hope to have some type of routine down so I can go through them all!

  2. Hi Eva

    It sounds as if we have a lot in common with what we have achieved this year. I am happy that you have had a great 2009 with all your exciting projects.

    Thank you for writing on my Wallwisher. It’s a fairly new tool for me. It’s a bit like a mini wiki, don’t you think?

    Good luck with all your plans for 2010. I wish you a very happy and fulfilling New Year. I look forward to learning and sharing with you more.

    Many best wishes


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