Glogster… once more

Since I found out glogster, I’ve been using it to assign projects, to introduce topics. My students also like it and whenever they are supposed to present something they use it. On the walls, in the corridores of our school, there are glogs.Students prepare them not just for English but also for the other subjects. It’s such a versatile tool so I’ve been thinking what else  I can do with glogsters.

I decided to add listening exercises to my class blogs but for me,interviews, conversations or news are so coursebook type things and not for extensive listening. They love listening to music and songs are great tools to teach language, to practice and also to learn vocabulary. A friend of mine, for instance, has never had formal English lessons and yet is able to communicate in English quite well thanks to his great love of music and basketball.

Students also admit that songs are good listening exercises and more interesting than the ones in their books. I often use them in my lessons, sometimes as a warm up or sometimes as a filler. I tend to choose songs that they don’t listen to but had great impact on teenagers or people in the last decades.I believe good songs should never be forgetten.

I just prepared a listening exercise with glogster and from now on regularly I’ll add them to my class blogs. I hope students will enjoy them.

One comment on “Glogster… once more
  1. Hi Eva! Thanks for sharing. i love glogster too and it’s great to see news ways to include it in our class. I would like to have a peep at your class blog if you agree. I always find inspirating ideas in class blogs. Kisses.

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