I learned this activity from an ELT seminar that I attended years ago but unfortunately I won’t be able to give you whose idea was that. It can be Jeremy Harmer but I’m sorry I really don’t remember.

It’s a good warm up and a filler. I’m about to give a workshop at British Council next week and searching my files to find motivating, engaging and fun activities then I found this one waiting to be remembered.

Here it is

  • Ask students to choose a colour
  • Tell them to think how does this colour feel like, sound like, taste like, smell like and looks like.
  • Then ask some students to read their ideas
  • Tell them now it’s time to write a poem
  • Give them the outline of the poem

Title of the poem

————- feels like——

It sounds like ——–

It tastes like ———

It smells like ————

It looks like ————–

———— is a adjective ————-

After the exam, we had some time to be filled until the bell. As I found this one yesterday, I decided to do it with my class.

They wrote their poems and I collected them and then I decided to share it with you and I prepared a glogster and added to their class blog. I hope you will enjoy it and if you know whose idea is that, will you let me know?

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