Will 21st century be a better place to live?

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Since I started blogging and using web2.0, I’ve been thinking about so many things.

One of them is becoming an individual. I think becoming an individual is so different than being a human being because an individual is a person who is well-aware of the world around her. For me an individual is the person who realises the pains of the others, who feels responsible for the changesn the world and of course becoming an individual is not an as easy and quick prosess as it sounds.It sometimes causes a lot of pain, lonliness or isolation.Still people start their journeys and voluntarily they choose to become individuals.

team workThe other thing that I’ve been thinking is becoming teams. Isn’t it important to be a team member? To achieve our goals, to defeat failure we must work in teams. Yet, it’s still difficult to be a part of a team unless you have turned into an individual. The ones who haven’t solved their problems with their egos will find it hard to work together.

collaborationThe last thing is collaborating. I strongly believe that becoming an individual and a team member were the concepts of the 20th century. Now it’s time to collaborate. By doing this we can learn from each other, we can help each other, we can motivate each other and we can …I can add  so many things that we can do together to help us to become professionally developped and well-equipped individuals and team members. Of course to become a collaborator you should have completed the other phases.

I also believe that if we can heal our egos our students also won’t have problems with their egos. They force us to use the technology and we, people from the old world, are trying to keep up with them. By doing this we can help them to collaborate, to work together, to share their knowledge and to arrive somewhere together better than now.

We still have a long way to go but I really want to become a collaborator which will be two steps further than an individual, one stop further than a team member. I want to believe that most of us will become collaborators by guiding each other and leading our childeren to a better future.


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