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I’ve been blogging for a month and since the day I attended Özge’s workshop, I’ve enjoyed every minute I spend in front of my computer. It just became a kind of addiction. With the inspiration I got from the blogs I’ve been reading, I decided to write the lists of my favourites.


Nik Peachy; I think he inspires everybody who follows him

Özge Karaoğlu; despite being very young, she has vast enthusiasm for teaching and sharing what she knows with her colleagues.

Janet Bianchini; I came across with her blog and enjoyed reading it.She is very inspirational too.

Shelly Terrel; There is always somthing new and creative on her blog. It’s fun to read. She is also very supportive and encouraging.

Karenne Sylvester; She is an inspirational educator. Very enthusiastic and I believe she is very hardworking.

The list is actually longer than this list. Twitter is the best place to meet many other enthusiastic, creative and self-motivated teachers and educators an of all ages. I’m happy that I’ve become a part of it.


Apart from the blogs I’ve started to discover many new tools which can make my lessons enjoyable and fun to follow. My students started using some of them and created wonderful things.I’d like to share the first five that I like using most of the times but There are hundreds of others which are as precious as the ones I’ve chosen for this list.

Animoto; you can always create beautiful slides and use it in every part of your lesson.Your students can also use animoto slides to present their projects.

Wordle; With wordle beautiful word posters will decorate your classroom walls.

Glogster; great way to prepare posters for your lessons, a tool to preteach vocabulary, a wonderfu way to present ideas.

SchoolTube; You can find many videos or share your videos.

Slide; fun way to create slides



I’ve been using the endless resources on the net for many years. There are sites that I love to read because there are wonderful materials, helpful advice and unique articles on teaching. Reading and following them kept me updated. They have always been fun and will continue to be on top of my favourites.

Teaching English, It is so updated. you can find anythinh you’ve been searching for there. Britlit will always be one of the resources that I’d like to use in my classes.

Humanising Language Teaching; this online magazine is something that and EFL teacher would always like to have in her favourites.

Onestopenglish; great resource for an EFL teacher

eslflow; You can find downloadable worksheets, grammar teaching ideas, icebreakers, precious warm-ups and fillers there.

readwritethink great  help  for teachers who teach writing

As I mentioned above, there are many more that I can’t write today. I feel abit guilty about it but you can even search the net and find the ones that you’d like to use more often.


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