Twitter, PLN (New Ideas)


At Istek-elt and IATEFL 2010 everybody stressed how twitter helps us share, create and collaborate. We all write about the importance of our PLNs on our blogs.

I want to share what I learned from twitter last week.

In many posts I wrote how I use or used animoto. I love this tool very much as it’s easy to create and fun. However, I have never thought using it for book or story review as Christopher Rogers did. I really love this idea. I’m sure students will be able to create wondeful short summaries with animoto.

If I hadn’t had a PLN, I wouldn’t have learned about tagxedo, a tool similar to wordle, which turns words into stunning word clouds. It looks fun because you can choose different fonts, shapes, colours and themes. you can create your word cloud, save it and print it out.


2 comments on “Twitter, PLN (New Ideas)
  1. Hi Eva

    Many thanks for sharing what you learned from twitter last week. I agree with you about what you say regarding learning so much from our PLN on Twitter. I also read about Tagxedo and was playing around with it earlier today! Yours looks really great. I hope to post one up on my blog tomorrow. I don’t know if it’s possible yet to post a Tagxedo with movements.

    Best wishes


    • Thanks Janet. Yes, I really liked the movements too. It looks really cool. If only we were able to embed it to our blogs then maybe it would have been possible to see the movements.

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